• Play For Community

  • Our Promise

    Our promise is to the community, our committment belongs to the people and our mission to the neighborhood is to force change. Using Professional Football as the ultimate equalizer, The Philadelphia Yellow Jackets stand firmly with You, for You and by You!

  • Play For Veterans

  • Our Pledge

    With unconditional support and meaningful honor, The Philadelphia Yellow Jackets will play, execute, participate and commit to saying THANK YOU to a Veteran every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every quarter & every year with the goal of providing for those that have already provided for all of us.

  • Play For Opportunity

  • Our Passion

    The Philadelphia Yellow Jackets are dedicated to creating an opportunity for our players, our coaches, our Life Time Season Ticket Holders, our Fans, our Families, our communities, our Veterans, our Partners and those in the City that we have never met - providing for YOU an opportunity to find success, be part of our success and enjoy the success that has been provided along with the Blessings that have been created by our success as a football organization.